Refrigeration Equipment:

The company is specialized in maintenance and repair of professional refrigeration equipment.

  • Freezer rooms.
  • Refrigeration systems constructed with more than one aggregate, Digital Scroll, VRV and other professional solutions.
  • Flake and block ice machines.
  • Construction and maintenance of refrigeration monitoring systems.
  • Professional kitchen refrigeration equipment – worktop freezers, refrigerated showcases, blast chiller, dough retarder proofers, ice-generator etc.
  • Merchandising refrigerators for soft drinks.
  • Subscription and emergency service.
  • Design and construction of non-standard refrigeration systems and equipment.

Draught Beer:

  • Service and maintenance of draught beer coolers.
  • Consultation for correct and seamless beer draughting. We have long experience based on training in Interbrew structures and working in the brewery industry for more than 20 years.
  • Supply of installations, accessories and parts.
  • Installation of draught beer equipment.
  • Cleaning of draught beer equipment.
  • Repairs of the draught beer system and refrigerator parts as well.
  • Logistic and maintenance of systems for fast beer draughting on special events like concerts and festivals.  We have experience for more than 10 years in beer draughting on the moss big rock concerts in Bulgaria.     
  • Renting draught beer cooler. Support and delivery of draught beer and CO2 for special events.